Pride of Ownerhip

Many properties that are similar to this offering are held in family ownership for long periods of time. Like a rare gem, they just cannot be replaced.


Residential Development

Residential building lots are being sold at a premium due to the property’s location and scarcity of lakefront opportunities. An entire mountain is part of this ownership and has spectacular views as well as lake access.


The feasibility of a high-end mobile home park was researched for a number of reasons. Owners of this type of motor home tend to be well-off financially. The vehicles can range in price from $400,000 to $800,000 and, depending on amenities, can be even higher. Many retirees like to travel, find this relaxed form of recreation very attractive and are willing to pay premium fees in RV parks located in outstanding venues. Sites for these recreational mobile homes are very limited in desirable areas of North America. According to some accounts, 10,000 people are reaching the age of 65 each day in the United States.


There is a need for these types of campgrounds and that need is increasing every day as Baby Boomers devote more time for recreation. Many of these units are being sold to people in their 40’s and 50’s that are planning on future retirement.The State of Maine encourages low-impact recreational development and considers well-planned RV parks a “good fit” balancing environmental concerns with development. The Burnt Jacket property is well situated on Moosehead Lake to accommodate several of these environmentally friendly & lakefront parks.


wilderness resort

Another opportunity that was investigated, involved a plan for a Wilderness Retreat and recreation center that was developed for the property by an international hospitality expert. After an intensive search throughout the United States and Canada, this professional decided that Maine is a perfect place for an adventure & lifestyle experience for those seeking escape and authenticity in the pursuit of pleasure in a sustainable outdoor environment.

The concept was presented to State of Maine government and regulatory officials and was well received.

Property qualifies for Maine and Federal new markets capital investments’ program, Pine tree development zone, EB5 program and others.

Feel free to discuss these opportunities with a Wilderness Realty agent.